Data breach threats are one thing, but what about network outages or performance disruptions due to ISP failure? Network resilience and continuity means we protect you from unexpected disruptions, as well as breach threats, with network monitoring and failover to cellular. With the broad adoption of point-to-point encryption and EMV (Chip and PIN), maintaining full-time connectivity to credit card processors is no longer optional.

Scalable Network Security Management

All services 100% managed by Netsurion, whether you have 10 or 10,000 locations. Netsurion’s lower management costs increases overall network uptime to meet all network-related PCI DSS requirements.


Ensure business continuity with automatic cellular failover.

    • Always-on connectivity
    • Simple, scalable, and quick deployment
    • Automatic failover while outage is resolved
    • Low cost, high return on investment
    • Single provider for security, business continuity service, and cellular access
    • Remote monitoring and management
    • Flexible installation options
    • Protects the entire network for a low monthly fee
    • Reduces overhead and downtime
    • Trusted IT security partner for almost 30 years

Seamless, Automatic Failover with Prioritization

In the event the primary Internet connection fails, business critical data is redirected to 4G wireless service via Netsurion’s automatic failover technology. The Netsurion system redirects data flow from the failed access to the always-on 4G LTE connection. When the primary system is restored, data automatically returns to the primary connection.

Cable and DSL services provide 99.5% availability at-best, which can equal about 3.5 hours of downtime monthly. While this may not sound like much, consider lost revenue for your 3 busiest hours in a day. DIY options for cellular failover are expensive and complex to monitor and maintain. Ensure your business runs uninterrupted, regardless if you lose your Internet connection, with Netsurion’s wireless, reliable Automatic Cellular Failover services (4G failover).