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Netsurion is a key contributor along with other industry leaders who comprise the Restaurant Technology Network (RTN) Working Group. The RTN Working Group collectively put in over 600 hours of collaboration to develop guidance and security best practices aimed at helping restaurants innovate quickly and securely. The goal of this industry guide to cybersecurity operations for restaurants is to help you protect sensitive data and optimize security operations with concise, easy-to-read security plans and insights. In it, you’ll find:

  • Primary Threats: What restaurants need to worry about
  • Threat Lifecycle: How to address pre-breach and post-breach defenses
  • Security Controls: How to protect key assets
  • Resourcing: Who owns what, and when does it make sense to outsource

Restaurants face increased pressure to adopt new technology that engages with hyper-connected guests and suppliers, maintains compliance, and protects sensitive data like credit card information. Self-checkout, contactless payments, digital signage, and online ordering require comprehensive cybersecurity that, although imperative, could distract from generating revenue and managing daily priorities.

Restaurants chains large and small are all vulnerable because malware, like ransomware, is easily downloaded by users, employees, and third-party suppliers who have access to your network. Defense-in-depth security adds layered protection to predict, prevent, detect, and respond (PPDR) to escalating threats.  The real-world expertise of IT security leaders from major QSR brands and supplier members at RTN can help leapfrog your cybersecurity posture.

Real World

Managed security from Netsurion quickly and affordably augments your staff and skills, enabling you to focus on running the business. Advanced threats require sharing real-world threat defenses and security best practices to simplify your restaurant protection and effectiveness. Read this cybersecurity technical guide today to view current security strategies and best practices you can apply immediately to simplify restaurant security coverage and streamline operations.

Paula Rhea

Paula Rhea

Paula Rhea, CISSP is a product marketing manager at Netsurion. She is responsible for developing go-to-market strategies for customers and partners regarding managed threat protection and secure edge networking. Paula has extensive cybersecurity experience in managed services, compliance, and endpoint protection.