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The role of the Point-of-Sale (POS) is evolving. In the restaurant industry, it’s important to ask: what does the future of the POS look like?

POS is on a complex journey, with cloud integrations, API integrations, and the IoT becoming a larger part of the discussion. Some in the QSR space are adapting to these more mature environments, others are in a former part of the journey, and some are looking into the future, but the security considerations remain the same for all. How can we create a better, safer, more consistent environment for the customer experience?

POS Implementation

To help you navigate through these challenges we have teamed up with industry leaders to develop the Restaurant Technology Network eBook, “POS Security Implementation Best Practices,” which features key insights from experts including Netsurion’s own Restaurant/Retail Cybersecurity Executive, Mark Cline.

This open collaboration eBook provides a roadmap to help you modernize your POS security from operator, vendor, supplier, and partner viewpoints. It details a journey to help you move on from past POS security controls that can’t keep up with today’s threat landscape and explains how operators are using POS innovations to avoid today’s biggest risks and implement best mitigation tactics.

What You Will Learn in the eBook
  1. What a holistic restaurant cybersecurity stack might look like.
    As you grow and want to introduce more tools and capabilities, this document provides step-by-step guidance and tangible, technical best practices for security implementation – specifically as it relates to other dynamics in the industry, like third-party integration, privacy considerations, network infrastructure, and Wi-Fi.
  2. Business considerations for cybersecurity implementation.
    Looking at where the different organizations and stakeholders that make up a brand can standardize process and technology can help with securing the brand across the board. There will be different paths for different parties involved, and this eBook helps with determining next steps from one piece to the next.
  3. How to benchmark where you are on the map for the POS journey and how you can better secure your POS environment.
    This eBook provides a valuable opportunity to benchmark your business in relation to others in the industry. Do you have enough in terms of cybersecurity? What are others doing for cybersecurity? What is considered normal for the restaurant industry?

As you read through the POS journey, it’s important to keep in mind that cybersecurity, when done alone, can be incredibly complex. Smart partnerships can be key to making this a smooth, personalized process. The eBook does a great job outlining and prioritizing the capabilities and considerations for working with an MSSP, who can provide unique solutions to their partners based on industry knowledge, scope of services and more.

Download your copy of POS Security Implementation Best Practices today and take your first steps towards a more secure and modern POS infrastructure.