Effectively and Efficiently Defend from Advanced Threats

The proliferation of advanced persistent threats is outpacing the cybersecurity abilities and resources of IT organizations today. To effectively protect your infrastructure and your data, a comprehensive defense-in-depth approach is necessary. Unfortunately, most solutions focus purely on technology and tools that are of no use to an organization without the wherewithal to optimize their effectiveness.

As a result, many organizations invest heavily in the promise of Machine-Learning-backed SIEM, and security orchestration and automation technology, but flounder in the implementation stage or simply become overwhelmed by the staff and expertise required to get the intended results. Others insist on depending solely on in-house staff and thus spend all of their time reacting to and sifting through alerts - some legitimate threats, but many false positives. The result is typically no significant gain in security posture, an out-of-control budget, and burned-out IT security analysts.

Co-Managed SIEM, however, takes the approach that both technology and expertise matter. An effective cybersecurity strategy requires cutting-edge technology, 24/7 expertise, and rigorous process adherence.

Flexible Security Solutions to Fit Your Organization

Threat management solutions from Netsurion include a range of implementation options to best fit your infrastructure, budget, and staff.

Unified SIEM Platform

The EventTracker SIEM platform unifies Machine Learning, behavior analytics, and security orchestration, and has earned SC Media’s top five-star rating for SIEM, EDR, and SOC-as-a-Service.

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Co-Managed SIEM

More and more organizations are seeking SIEM-as-a-Service to realize optimal security results. EventTracker SIEMphonic optimizes your results with the EventTracker platform by delivering a Co-Managed SIEM service complete with 24/7 global Security Operations Center (SOC), powered by threat intelligence.

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Security Automation

For organizations with limited IT security resources and basic security needs, yet a greater focus on compliance management, EventTracker Essentials can provide practical threat detection and response, and regulation-specific reporting.

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EventTracker SIEM Trial

EventTracker SIEM Trial

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