Streamline Connectivity, Security, and Compliance at Branch Locations

Secure and resilient connectivity is crucial for distributed enterprises today. However, multi-location organizations are frequently hampered by costly truck rolls to stand up new locations, complicated configuration update procedures, outdated security policies, and multiple on-premise devices.

As a result, keeping pace with security threats and compliance requirements, using expensive MPLS connections, as well as challenges with deployment and management complexity makes it difficult for businesses to innovate and increase profit margins.

By combining connectivity, threat, and compliance management into a single cohesive solution, Netsurion enables innovation of multi-location businesses while driving down cost. Netsurion provides a powerful and practical solution combining SD-Branch architecture, SIEM technology, and flexible managed service options for edge locations.

The Most Secure SD-Branch Solution for Distributed Enterprises

By combining connectivity, threat, and compliance management from Netsurion, distributed enterprises experience simple edge location deployment, increased broadband choices, integrated Wi-Fi and 4G failover, and unmatched POS security.

Simplified, Flexible, and Reliable Connectivity

Our simple, plug-and-play appliance provides multiple functions once requiring multiple devices and migrates provisioning, management, and security functions to the cloud in the BranchSDO Orchestrator.
  • Use multiple links in any combination of cable, fiber, DSL and 4G LTE.
  • Achieve "always-on" connectivity with multiple, inexpensive links and 4G failover.
  • With real-time performance management, prioritize critical business application traffic.

Segment and Secure Your Entire Network

Cybersecurity is in our DNA. Our SD-Branch architecture includes cloud-delivered unified threat management, embedded stateful firewall, and single-click deployment of security policies and settings to any or all branch locations.
  • Deploy multi-layered security with our cloud-delivered NGFW
  • Segment and lockdown critical business systems such as point-of-sale
  • Segment and support guest Wi-Fi and VLANs

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Bringing Enterprise Threat Protection to the Edge

Edge locations - retail, branch offices, remote sites, and more - are the most vulnerable in the distributed enterprise. Netsurion has revolutionized advanced threat protection for the edge by tailoring our own SIEM (security information and event management) technology and SOC (security operations center) services to fit the edge environment and business needs.

Endpoint Threat Detection and Incidence Response

In today's cybersecurity landscape, the network perimeter consists of every connected device. Endpoints are more frequently targeted than network firewalls or servers due to their typically lower security profile and more frequent human interaction. Just look at the breach headlines.
  • Easy to deploy light-weight SIEM sensors protect all of your devices
  • Security automation instantly thwarts attacks including unknown processes, bad IP communication, or even attachment of external drives like a USB stick
  • Detailed alerts with clear remediation recommendations along with live security analyst support for critical incidents

Advanced Network Visibility and Protection

Identify your network's vulnerabilities, instantly detect intrusions, and even predict attacks by leveraging deception and decoys to identify malicious behavior.
  • Scheduled scans backed by expert service ensures accuracy, eliminates false positives, and includes actionable remediation recommendations
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) monitors for unusual patterns and behavior
  • Threat deception, honeynet, provides intelligence about malicious activity against the network.

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Manage Regulatory Compliance with Less Time and Effort

Managing PCI DSS compliance for multi-location merchant businesses such as restaurants, retail, hotel and others is particularly challenging. Netsurion not only streamlines compliance management, but also greatly improves a brand's security posture, and provides greater network management and performance.

  • PCI Compliance management portal for multi-locations streamlines vulnerability scans, SAQ completion, reports, and assistance via phone, chat, or email
  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) sensors track and log all changes on in-scope systems
  • $100K Data Breach Financial Protection protects merchants impacted by breach

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