Government is complex in operation and requirements, and to compound the challenge, it holds some of the most sensitive data of any industry in the world. Innovation and IoT are part of the new normal, which makes things easier and harder all at once.

The more technology, the higher cyber risk. In the first six months of 2016 alone, threat researchers reported that 200 million government records were already compromised globally—up 60 million from the combined records breached from 2013 to 2015. And the trend continues.

According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, faking government websites has become common among cyber criminals to gain confidential, sensitive information.

The last thing you need is for an IT or tech company to force-fit a solution into the federal space. There are many agency requirements to adhere to in order to remain compliant in your world. Netsurion understands the unique needs of government and how important transparency and reporting are.

Our team works closely with customers to tailor their needs, whether it be solution fit or reporting, and anything in between. Netsurion’s Connect, Protect, Comply solutions bring a comprehensive, unique, affordable set of cybersecurity protection that goes beyond the “shelf” to bring you real-world solutions tailored to fit your unique needs.

Key Benefits

24/7 Threat Detection and Remediation

Defend your entire network from advanced persistent threats, insiders, and abnormal activity with a co-managed security solution that is quickly deployed, easily maintained, and ensures you are always audit-ready.

Employ User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Uncovering a real attack, amidst all the noise, is difficult and important to any business. SIEMphonic's UEBA capabilities use Machine Learning to gain an understanding of how humans and machines typically behave within an environment. UEBA catches risky activity that deviates from normal behavior and alerts immediately.

Gain Ransomware Protection

Cyber criminals are looking for quicker, more efficient ways to make money. Deploying a ransomware attack that shuts down the Point-of-Sale system can effectively bring your revenue stream to a screeching halt. Our comprehensive Connect, Protect, and Comply solutions can thwart the next big threat, before you see it coming.

Simplify PCI Compliance

Focus on your business without worrying about the status of your compliance. Netsurion helps you get compliant with leading security architecture, while helping you stay compliant with efficient internal network scanning and online training. We can also help you report your compliance with our easy-to-use SAQ wizard. File integrity monitoring (FIM) alerts you when changes occur and helps you meeting PCI DSS requirements. Our solution delivers FIM that goes beyond by automatically reviewing logs for you.

Solution Components

Co-Managed SIEM and 24/7 SOC

While SIEM is at our core, EventTracker SIEMphonic and our ISO/IEC 27001 Certified SOC delivers and orchestrates all of the critical capabilities needed to predict, prevent, detect and respond to security incidents.

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Regulatory Compliance Management

Automate the steps required by each standard to ensure compliance, and maintain it going forward. With Netsurion, organizations can secure the environment, establish the baseline, track user activity, alert on potential violations, and generate audit ready reports.

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