Retail and Hospitality

Your margins are critical and the cost of doing business can make or break your retail operation. Unfortunately, retail POS terminals are a common target for data thieves, which retail and hospitality rely on every second of every day. In a market where brand reputation is key to staying ahead of the competition, it is vital that you make sure your brand is protected.

Restaurants, hotels, and retail shops have a unique set of network challenges and PCI DSS compliance requirements to fulfill, while grocery stores have some of the most complex network structures of any retail environment. Multiple checkout lanes, remotely accessible camera systems, numerous vendors with online order entry, remotely monitored temperature control units, and more.

No matter how big or how small you are, hackers see you as a target. The risk of credit card theft and data breaches for retail and hospitality are significant and can adversely impact your company’s stability and success.

At stake are not just the mitigation costs, but also the potential for lost brand loyalty, lost customers and consumer confidence, community backlash, and court-ordered compensation. Netsurion’s BranchSDO and EventTracker solutions bring a comprehensive, unique, affordable set of cybersecurity protection that will also help you get compliant and stay compliant.

Key Benefits

Simplify PCI Compliance

Focus on your business without worrying about the status of your compliance. Netsurion helps you get compliant with leading security architecture, while helping you stay compliant with efficient internal network scanning and online training. We can also help you report your compliance with our easy-to-use SAQ wizard. File integrity monitoring (FIM) alerts you when changes occur and helps you meeting PCI DSS requirements. Our solution delivers FIM that goes beyond by automatically reviewing logs for you.

Maximize Point-of-Sale Intrusion Security

Endpoints, particularly Point-of-Sale (POS) systems are the most vulnerable and high-value targets within the retail environment. Firewall and anti-virus is simply not enough. Netsurion delivers a 24/7 managed threat detection and response solution that leverages our actionable security intelligence platform and security operations center (SOC). 

Gain Ransomware Protection

Cyber criminals are looking for quicker, more efficient ways to make money. Deploying a ransomware attack that shuts down the Point-of-Sale system can effectively bring your revenue stream to a screeching halt. Our comprehensive Connect, Protect, and Comply solutions can thwart the next big threat, before you see it coming.

Reduce Cost and Complexity of Branch Network Management

Simplify and accelerate branch deployments, remotely configure and update security policies and services remotely, and integrate multiple WAN connections and cellular failover to make branch network management and security more effective, efficient, and affordable. 

Employ User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Uncovering a real attack, amidst all the noise, is difficult and important to any business. EventTracker Enterprise’s UEBA capabilities use Machine Learning to gain an understanding of how humans and machines typically behave within an environment. UEBA catches risky activity that deviates from normal behavior and alerts immediately.

Solution Components

Netsurion SD-Branch

Netsurion BranchSDO is a unique SD-Branch solution that combines enhanced network connectivity, resilience, security, and management for distributed enterprises and IoT environments. This is achieved through a proprietary SD-WAN platform with flexible co-management service levels.

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Advanced Endpoint Threat Protection

With a light-weight sensor deployed to your critical endpoints, receive alerts immediately regarding any anomalies or suspicious activities. EventTracker Essentials listens as we tune the solution to what events you consider threats, as well as those you do not allowing you to also automate remediation to your desired level.

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PCI DSS Compliance Management for Merchants

A comprehensive set of tools and customer support to streamline compliance management for merchants – including a centralized portal for vulnerability scan management, SAQ submission, reports, and expert compliance support, powerful file integrity monitoring (FIM), and a data breach financial protection program.

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