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We understand the dilemma many of you face. It's difficult to hire and retain an IT security team that has the bandwidth and capability needed to monitor and analyze the alerts and reports produced by SIEM technology. Our threat management solutions provide a custom-fit SIEM-as-a-Service on top of our award-winning unified SIEM platform, EventTracker.


EventTracker by Netsurion

Critical Capabilities

SIEM and Log Management

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your IT staff by prioritizing operational incidents, and with real-time alerting, enable them to address the most critical incidents first. Detect and alert to attacks, malware, viruses, and quickly and efficiently neutralize threats:

  • Gain efficiency and productivity through issue prioritization, fast search, and forensic analysis tools
  • Ensure you are audit-ready for any compliance regulation with file integrity monitoring, centralized log management, and custom reports

Threat Detection and Response

Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (ETDR) offers greater visibility at the endpoint and provides flexible options for automated remediation:

  • Incorporate any STIX/TAXII compliant source through threat intelligence
  • Monitor for unusual patterns and behavior with Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Gain intelligence about malicious activity against the network through threat deception – Honeynet

User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Detect compromised credentials, lateral movement, and other malicious behavior with Machine Learning capabilities to trigger detailed, actionable alerts:

  • Uncover insider threats by monitoring for user policy violations, data exfiltration, or privilege misuse
  • Identify creation of new privileged accounts or elevation of permissions
  • Expose brute-force attacks by monitoring for abnormal system behaviors and patterns

Automation and Orchestration

Automate workflows and accelerate the overall process of threat detection, prioritization, and remediation. Integration of case management with your enterprise IT platform allows for better collaboration:

  • Quarantine compromised endpoints to prevent propagation
  • Suspend accounts that violate policies or established normal behavior
  • Kill unknown or blacklisted processes on critical devices

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessments are at the foundation of creating a proactive information security program and are required for many compliance regulations, such as PCI DSS and HIPAA:

  • Simplify the process and lower cost with a managed vulnerability assessment service
  • Eliminate false positives and include actionable remediation recommendations with scheduled scans backed by expert service ensures accuracy
  • Address the most crucial risks first with detailed reports that include prioritization correlated with multiple threat intelligence feeds

Compliance Management

Gain, maintain, and report regulatory compliance with less time and effort. Our solutions enable organizations to secure the environment, establish the baseline, track user activity, alert on potential violations, and generate audit-ready reports:

  • Regulation-specific solution briefs and security operations playbooks
  • Custom log searching and reports tailored reports
  • ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified Security Operations Center (SOC)

Implementation Options

Unified SIEM Platform

Do you already have an in-house team of IT security professionals? Need a powerful unified SIEM solution to optimize their effectiveness?

  Learn more about EventTracker Security Center

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Co-Managed SIEM

Do you have an IT security skill shortage? Need a cost-effective way to manage threats and compliance?

  Learn more about SIEMphonic Enterprise

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Managed Detection and Response

Do you need to streamline compliance management and incorporate automated threat detection? Looking for the most cost-effective solution?

  Learn more about SIEMphonic Essentials

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Centralized Log Management

Do you have a dedicated team of IT specialists analyzing log data? Looking for a powerful, yet reasonably priced solution?

  Learn more about EventTracker Log Manager

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Flexible, Scalable Architecture


Managed Services
24/7 Security Operations Center

24/7 Security Operations Center

  • 24/7 monitoring and analysis of alerts​
  • Terminate attacks in real-time​
  • Compliance assistance​
  • Weekly critical observations report w/ remediation advice​


Threat Intel
Managed Global Threat Intelligence

Managed Global Threat Intelligence

  • Data is correlated with our threat intel, including 50+ feeds​
  • Real-time threat detection and alerts​
  • Enterprise and global whitelisting/blacklisting​




  • Billions of logs via secure and encrypted transmission​
  • Collect and store logs securely for 400 days​
  • Automatic review of log data and behavior analysis​
  • High-speed searches or use pre-built queries​


Endpoint Sensor
Customer Network

Customer Network

  • Install dedicated, secure sensor to get started​
  • EventTracker is deployed in the same day​
  • No special hardware or software required​
  • Supports multiple log formats from over 2,100 devices​

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