EventTracker 7.0 – Release Notes

The EventTracker engineering team continues to monitor changes in operation management, enterprise applications, and regulation compliance standards. Version upgrades are made based on customer feedback and experience in the field, providing you the best solution possible.

EventTracker 7.0 (Build 121)

  • Fix to show message for duplicate category dashlet with same title.
  • Fix for Vista channel updates issue Agent Configuration.
  • Fix for Process Tab issues in ET VB agent configuration console.
  • Change Assessment Scheduled reports issue.
  1. Agent Configuration functionality in the EventTracker Web Interface.
  2. System group selection option and performance enhancement in log view.

EventTracker 7.0 (Build 113)

  • Fix for date time range validation in log search, analysis and reports.
  • Fix for time based alert processing.
  • Changes in diagnostics to include Change Audit files, Ttw folder, extended EC file backlog threshold to 5 hrs.
  • Fix for ETCorrel and EAM cache data processing issues.

EventTracker 7.0 (Build 111)

  • Fix for agent upgrade from previous versions of WhatChanged fails.
  • Fix for missing File Transfer feature for Agentless systems.
  • Fix for missing Agent IP security settings after upgrade.
  • Fix for EA data reading issues when cache files are missing.
  • Fix for analysis custom page Report columns not able move up/down.
  • Fix for DNS log reading, timestamp issues with DLA.
  • Fix for Import/Export issues with Alerts, Filters, Scheduled reports.
  • Fix for handling schedules & generated reports when upgraded from 6.x version.
  • Logon banner with custom text to be shown in the login page.
  • Added support for eEye Retina vulnerability reports
  • Added feature to filter CAB files based on Port in EventVault.
  • My Analysis under My EventTracker.
  • ‘Load together’ feature for windows tab.
  • Progress bar in Netflow tabs.
  • Added new categories for Sonicwall UTM, Cisco ACE.
  • Enhanced DLA to process on all VCP’s.

EventTracker 7.0 (Build 102)

  • Digital certificate based licensing.
  • Change Audit (WhatChanged) and trapTracker (SNMP) are integrated in common display.
  • Improved Archiver cache file processing.
  • Enhanced Enterprise Activity processing.
  • Enhanced Direct Log Archiving process.
  • Enhanced Import/Export utility to process custom EA rules, import SCAP benchmarks.
  • Enhanced Agentless mode compatible to multi domain authentications.
  • Extended error logging & troubleshooting enabled via Diagnostics.
  • Completely redesigned, per user customizable web interface for all user and most admin functions
  • Windows Agent operates in dual mode, real-time and File Transfer.
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption on Agent-Receiver communication.
  • Configuration Assessment module using SCAP; support for FDCC/DISA benchmarks.
  • Netflow v5, v9 support.
  • Integration with vulnerability scanners from Qualys, Tenable/Nessus and Rapid7.
  • Risk ordered alert dashboard.
  • Indexed search for rapid results.
  • User Customizable Enterprise Activity Rules.
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant SHA1 encryption on CAB checksum.
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption on CP-CM communication.
  • Support for new event types: Verbose, Critical.
  • New dashboard for Windows event analysis.
  • Weights can be assigned to Event type, Log type, Category, Source, User,Event ID & user define keywords.