6 Safe Computing Tips to Help Retailers Fight Off Hackers

Many small businesses believe only the "big guys" will suffer a data breach. Hence, they do not pay attention to basic steps they can take in order to prevent this from happening to them.

Did you know that 90% of data breaches impact small merchants?

It is always better to prevent a breach rather than deal with the consequences of damaging your brand and reputation.

At Netsurion, we can guide you and help you fix these issues. Our CEO, Kevin Watson, has written six fairly simple tips that will help businesses fight off hackers and secure customer data. We have created this infographic to make this list even simpler.

Take a look at the way your business runs and see if you are implementing any or all of these tips. For more detailed information, read the full article on Six Safe Computing Tips to Help Retailers Fight Off Hackers and Secure Customer Data.

6 computing tips for retailers to fight hackers infographic
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