Why Do Hackers Want Your Medical Records

A stolen credit card record can be sold for as low as a quarter while a medical record can be sold for $50. Why is that?

2015 has been a year of healthcare data breaches. But why are hackers going after healthcare records now?

When a credit card is stolen, the owner is able to cancel it as soon as he/she notices fraudulent activity and then they are also able to dispute the charges.

But think about a medical record - changing your social security number, birthdate, home address and medical history isn’t that simple. The problem becomes much bigger than just financial identity theft.

Think about what would happen to a person whose medical record is stolen and it is being used to obtain free healthcare and subscriptions. Then think about the customer going in for an emergency with the wrong records on file and getting the wrong blood transfusion.

Protecting patients’ medical records should be every hospital and physician’s office concern. But with many issues in the healthcare industry vying for attention, security may fall through the cracks.

That’s why we are here to help, and to relieve the stress of managing your network and data security. Take a look at the infographic below on why hackers are doing everything they can to hack into your network. Then take a look at what we do at Netsurion, to protect your patients and your business.

why do hackers want your medical records?
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