Healthcare Practices are at Particularly High Risk of Data Breach

The CDC estimates that close to 80% of office-based physicians use some form of electronic medical records. This proliferation of EMR, coupled with recent breaches of patients’ personal health information and personal identifiable information has highlighted the need for security of medical office networks.

HIPAA mandates the need to place safeguards to protect patients’ health information which is becoming more complicated as facilities offer WiFi to their patients and employees.

Netsurion's regulatory compliant managed network services ensure your patients’ PHI and PII are protected.

With data breaches continually on the rise, it is critical to have a trusted managed network and data security solution in place that is compatible with all EMR solutions, includes enterprise-level firewalls, and provides 360 web traffic monitoring - all at an affordable cost for small- and medium-sized practices.

healthcare infographic

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