What you should know about PCI DSS 3.2

PCI DSS 3.2 is scheduled for release at the end of April. Have you thought about how this update can affect your business? Will you still be PCI compliant?

The PCI Security Standards Council has broken from a long tradition of keeping the PCI DSS to a fixed predictable time table. In previous years, the new standard would be released in the 4th quarter of the 3rd year of the standard, and the previous standard would still be acceptable for 1 year.

Now, the council has determined that PCI is robust enough that it is not necessary to keep to a strict time table since so little is expected to change. New standards will be released in response to developing threats, and the "grandfather" period will be determined at the time of the release.

While there are expected to be some other minor changes, the table above shows the main areas people should expect to see differences. Even if the changes are small, it will require new procedures which take time, money, and effort: the very things of which IT departments are sparse.

Make sure you take action in regards to these changes. At Netsurion, we help secure your network and in the process, we make sure you are following all the guidelines to make your business PCI compliant, yes, even with the new updates. Let us take this off your shoulders.

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