Local Government

Co-Managed SIEM - Local Government

Netsurion provides 24/7 coverage and reduces false positives. Our small IT and security staff are too busy to chase after log data manually. It’s a huge time saver to have all the actionable intelligence and remediation recommendations in one place.

BIS Case Study

Business Information Solutions

The Netsurion EventTracker SOC became an extension of the BIS team, providing additional resources that they didn’t have previously.

Staley Technologies

Staley Technologies

Already we can see that customers that have Netsurion installed have had fewer network-related calls than our customers that do not have this product deployed.

Co-managed SIEM/SOC - Healthcare Company

Trust is everything in the healthcare community. Netsurion’s co-managed SIEM/SOC solution addresses our staff challenges with comprehensive 24/7 visibility, deep SOC expertise, and actionable threat intelligence.

Co-Managed SIEM - Insurance Company

Co-Managed SIEM - Insurance Company

We built our security processes around Netsurion’s EventTracker Co-managed security. We want to be proactive versus reactive and adopt advanced cybersecurity features to add coverage beyond our three-person IT team

Netsurion MSP Partner

Netsurion MSP Partner

Netsurion’s EventTracker Essentials solution is the single most important product we’ve launched in our company’s history. We feel that with this offering we are at the forefront of IT security...

FTS Solutions

We look at Netsurion as a strategic, long-term partner, offering a great product at an affordable price. Netsurion is easy to do business with and we look forward to doing more together in the future.

Altamaha Bank & Trust

Altamaha Bank & Trust

Our customers are priority #1. They come to us with an expectation and we want to deliver. The challenge is keeping up that level of service with minimal IT staff, coupled with the heavy need for security and compliance to keep business going.


The alerts are particularly helpful in ensuring that we are constantly in compliance with PCI requirements. Plus, we regularly use the scheduled and ad-hoc reporting to demonstrate adherence.

How South River Electric Membership Corporation Succeeds at Security and PCI DSS

We needed a solution with the right product mix. We wanted the ability to identify and report anomalies in the network, combined with the freedom to have the reporting display and function in an actionable format...

EventTracker Enterprise at a Financial Institution

A long-standing community bank that provides consumer and commercial financial services was in need of a log management offering that would monitor its IT infrastructure. 

EventTracker Simplifies SIEM for Labor Union

A large labor organization with 350 staff serving more than 300,000 members across North America was seeking a log management offering that would help it meet government data-security requirements...


We looked at 5 or 6 different solutions and EventTracker was the best value and simply the best product, straight out of the box...