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Register 3 Keys to Powerful but Practical Cybersecurity

With signature-based anti-virus catching only 47% of endpoint compromises, and 84% of breaches involving multiple endpoints, it’s clear that “Detection Deficit Disorder” has reached epidemic proportions. The cybersecurity market is certainly not short on over-hyped tools designed to solve a specific threat vector. But what is an IT team to do? Build your own SOC? Deploy and manage a complex SIEM? Top it off with a third party EDR software and manage that too? These options fall flat due to resource and budget constraints.

Register Routers: Are they a thing of the past?

With the mass adoption of cloud applications, services, and need for resilience, routers and their architectures are unable to adequately address deployments of the future. Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), customer premises equipment, virtual network functions, and cloud services such as security, to support VPN, guest and private Wi-Fi, digital signage, and Point of Sale (POS) are creating the need for reliable, agile and secure branch offices.

Register 4G Failover Considerations

One of the key benefits for most businesses deploying SD-WAN is the reduction in WAN costs by up to 80 percent. Continuity and resilience are also critical to businesses in today's growing cyber-threatened world. SD-WAN solutions offer multi-link support, so 4G LTE is an obvious choice for failover connectivity. Yet small- and mid-size businesses (SMBs) cannot typically afford the latest WAN solution with resilience built in. This is in part why careful selection of an SD-WAN solution is critical, as not all SD-WAN solutions provide a cost-effective 4G LTE solution. This webinar will propose five key things to take into consideration when looking for “backup internet”.

Register Building a Better Branch

Cloud adoption and digital transformation is driving SD-WAN to replace the traditional WAN. From this transformation, cloud-based applications and resources are changing not only how we interact with information, but how the branch services the user. Learn how SD-WAN architecture coupled with optional managed network services, managed security services, and PCI DSS compliance readiness tools, help build an agile, resilient, secure and compliant retail branch network.

Register SD-Branch Insights

Visualizing the path and monitoring performance of both the WAN and LTE is key to delivering end-to-end service quality. Learn how you can manage SD-Branch networks and deliver optimal network performance by leveraging reporting and analytics. Software-defined orchestration of your WAN gives you the branch visibility and control you need, but it’s the reporting and analytics tools that help you easily detect network issues and traffic anomalies. This webinar will show you how a cloud-based orchestrator and interconnected SD-WAN devices can give you the line of sight deep and wide into your network to monitor and analyze performance.

Register Problem Free SD-Branch

Every company is looking to deploy SD-WAN with minimal disruption to their day-to-day business operations. Luckily, there are many ways it can be achieved with little to no disruption. Many of these strategies are effective by adopting a cautious and gradual approach yet graduality can be an expensive investment. With this webinar, learn how Netsurion BranchSDO reduces the “friction” of SD-Branch implementation while at the same time it speeds-up deployment to reduce the cost of the transition.


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