Firewalls Alone Are Not Enough​

Firewalls are a necessary but basic security control - not enough to protect against today’s cyber attacks. Gain advanced threat protection for your network with our ISO-certified security operations center (SOC). Netsurion's SOC monitors your firewall activity using our EventTracker threat protection platform, while our network threat response team actively mitigates detected threats.​

Firewall Activity Monitoring

Continual aggregation and correlation of firewall activity across all of your locations with our SIEM platform

Threat Detection and Response

Threat Intelligence data helps detect hidden threats and reduce false-positives while our ISO-certified SOC team analyzes traffic for potential threats

Security Incident Response

Threat response team mitigates detected threats directly or alerts your team for incident response

SIEM at Every Branch Location

By running your edge network activity through our SIEM and correlating your data with a wide range of threat intelligence, we are able to quickly identify threats to any of your business locations and remediate the issue ourselves or alert your team to mitigate appropriately.

SOC + NOC diagram

Monitored by Expert Security Analysts

Our SOC escalates identified threats to our network operations center (NOC) who in turn remediates the issue or alerts your team to mitigate.​

Solution Overview​

Network Threat Response is just one capability of our managed secure edge networking platform, BranchSDO.​​

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Customize Your Secure Edge Networking

Our managed platform approach to cybersecurity gives you unmatched flexibility and scalability. Check out our Solution Advisor Wizard to customize a managed secure edge networking solution that fits your business needs.

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