Multi-unit restaurant and hospitality businesses are going through significant digital transformation, adapting to changing consumer behaviors, and optimizing cost-efficiencies. Doing so requires a secure, always-on, and easy to manage network platform that can act as a launchpad for innovation and growth amid a rapidly changing world. Protecting data and transactions, and quickly responding to cybersecurity threats and POS internet outages, are a must for agile IT teams.​

Connect and Protect All of Your Restaurant​s

The Human Element​

Technology alone isn’t the answer.​

Get a complete managed solution with our ISO-certified SOC working hand-in-hand with our NOC and you, to ensure your networks are secure, agile, resilient, and compliant​.​

Managed Secure Edge Networking

Award-Winning Cybersecurity

Recognized for powerful, flexible managed cybersecurity that:

  • Simplifies your technology stack with a managed platform
  • Adapts to the ever-changing threat landscape via cloud-deployed controls
  • Protects 24/7 to predict, prevent, detect, and respond to attacks

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Committed to the Restaurant Industry

Netsurion is a proud member of the Restaurant Technology Network (RTN). Netsurion has contributed to valuable guidance and standards for the restaurant technology industry. It’s clear that off-premises dining will continue to be a primary way to serve consumers. The goal of this RTN playbook is to help restaurants stay open for business and adapt to changing consumer needs during this crisis and beyond.​

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Our secure edge networking platform delivers the business results you need to drive your distributed enterprise forward. But that’s not all. Our managed platform is much more cost efficient. See for yourself how much more value you get for less cost with BranchSDO.

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