Integrated Wi-Fi​

By integrating secure Wi-Fi into our proprietary cloud-managed all-in-one edge device, Netsurion can offer an affordable managed Wi-Fi service with multiple SSIDs to connect your wireless business applications, empower your employees, and serve up family-friendly Wi-Fi to your guests.​

Integrated Wi-Fi​

Simplified Deployment and Configuration​

  • Plug-and-play networking​
  • Automatic channel configuration​
  • Dual Band​
  • Multiple SSIDs​
  • Wi-Fi as WAN​
Wi-Fi Diagram

Extended Wi-Fi

  • Extend coverage with access points​
  • Easy deployment and configuration​
  • Automatic meshing to extend Wi-Fi signals to dead spots
Open Mesh Devices

Powerful Network Management​

Build and manage your wireless networks across one site or thousands through the cloud. With no servers or software to install, BranchSDO is simple, yet powerful enough to meet the demands of IT professionals. Our centralized cloud management allows for the ability to view and manage all your wireless networks across large sites and multiple locations from a single dashboard. Create splash pages, manage bandwidth, reboot devices, block clients, and more, in just a few clicks.​​

Solution Overview​

Managed Wi-Fi is just one capability of our managed secure edge networking platform, BranchSDO.​

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Our managed platform approach to cybersecurity gives you unmatched flexibility and scalability. Check out our Solution Advisor Wizard to customize a managed secure edge networking solution that fits your business needs.

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