When it’s all said and done, your brand is everything, and it’s what your customers say it is, which comes down to brand experience.

A single vulnerable location puts the entire brand at risk of reputation and revenue loss. And if a breach occurs, it may be a catastrophe that could be hard to recover from as a brand and business.

It’s not easy for a large brand with hundreds or thousands of locations to become and remain PCI compliant, but Netsurion is here to help. Part of our unique process includes Brand Guard, which is our answer to proper network security, resilience, and PCI compliance adoption.

This service is ideal for multi-location merchants, particularly franchisors, that require secure and resilient networks to transact business safely and efficiently, but have minimal IT resources to help comply with PCI DSS.

It includes a personalized communication plan and rollout strategy led by a team of change management and communication experts.

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I found out how quickly a brand could change from being a favorite of mine to becoming an entity I would never trust again.


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Compliance Accelerator

Quickly onboard your locations and help forge the strength of each link in your security chain.

Choosing the best managed security service provider is one thing, but successfully rolling out the program to thousands of locations is a daunting communication and project management challenge of its own. We can help you overcome this by guiding your team through project and communication planning, execution, and ongoing reporting.

Consumer Confidence Seal

Let customers know their transactions and personal data are safe in your locations.

As more and more people are impacted by fraud and data theft, let your customers rest assured knowing that your brand is taking action to keep their data safe.

Secure Merchant Support

Your managed network security partner should make life simple and give you some peace of mind.

As you onboard locations with Netsurion’s leading network security solution and build consumer confidence, our team of engineers provide you with the IT support you need at each and every business location, so your network is always expertly managed and maintained.

Your Team of Brand Guard Experts

With more than 55 years of combined experience in marketing communications and change management, this team brings a wealth of knowledge to your Brand Guard planning efforts.

Each individual on this team has focused over the years on designing and implementing plans that drive brand awareness with meaningful results in B2B and B2C markets across industries.

During their careers, team members have worked with companies such as JPMorgan Chase, EDS, Tween Brands, Wells Fargo Advisors, Ascension, Hershey’s, Harley-Davidson, Anheuser-Busch, Busch Entertainment Corporation, and many other companies within manufacturing, retail, restaurants, hotel-lodging, healthcare, insurance/reinsurance, and software.

A large part of your Brand Guard plan would revolve around change management communication, due to this being essentially a change effort to influence individuals to action through education and simplified processes that engage and inspire. In previous career roles, we have experience on the agency side of marketing communications and with global management consulting firms Accenture and Willis Towers Watson, carving out years of experience helping global and national brands with internal communication strategies and planning. Experiences also include winning two consecutive-year Gold Quill awards through the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) in the realm of internal change management communication.

This team’s education took place at fine institutions across the U.S. and include B.A. and B.F.A. degrees in marketing, advertising, graphic design, marketing communications, marketing and finance, communications and psychology, and business administration.

No Cost Cyber Threat Assessment

As part of the Brand Guard program, Netsurion will conduct a free vulnerability assessment by installing a non-intrusive device that will monitor your network for seven days giving you a quick, easy, comprehensive snapshot of your network.

A Cyber Threat Assessment can help you better understand:

  • Security and Threat Prevention – which application vulnerabilities are attacking your network, which malware/botnets were detected, and which devices are “at risk”—for firewall assessment and security breach probability
  • User Productivity – which peer-to-peer, social media, instant messaging, and other apps are running—for application visibility control
  • Network Utilization and Performance – what are your throughput, session, and bandwidth usage requirements during peak hours—network utilization and monitoring tests for performance optimization

Secure your data. Protect your brand.