Traditional security methods cannot keep up with the ever-changing attacks facing small- and medium-sized multi-location businesses. And traditional SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions require dedicated security experts on-staff to be useful. SIEM-at-the-Edge, from Netsurion, bridges the gap – making SIEM, managed detection and response solutions, effective and affordable.


     Leverage scalable 24/7 security event monitoring on all endpoints.


     Identify a wide range of suspect events across the network and devices.


     Determine risk levels with automatic rules and advanced event correlation.


     Automate immediate responses appropriate to the threat level.


     Receive a summary of incidents and responses, along with full dashboard and logging.

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  • TRENDING: POS malware attacks are becoming an epidemic but they can be prevented with managed detection and automated response.

    EventTracker Endpoint Monitoring

  • With a simple sensor deployed to your critical servers and point-of-sale (POS) systems, Netsurion would alert you immediately of any anomalies or suspicious activities. SIEM-at-the-Edge listens to you as you tune it to what events you consider threats, as well as those you do not.

    In addition to alerting you immediately, you can define automated responses to specific events on your monitored endpoints.

    • Automatically shut down any USB device when plugged in
    • ​Abort known bad processes based on threat intelligence
    • Terminate runaway processes

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  • A properly configured and well-tuned SIEM solution is one cornerstone of a robust IT security strategy.
    Your SIEM-at-the-Edge Solution is:

    • A trusted, proven solution that is owned, developed, and managed by one company – EventTracker, a subsidiary of Netsurion.
    • Part of the prestigious SIEM Magic Quadrant from Gartner, plus holds a 5-star rating from SC Magazine.
    • Accessible and flexible Breach Detection Services and File Integrity Monitoring, as part of EventTracker’s Log Manager solution.

    File Integrity Monitoring and Compliance Automation

    SIEM-at-the-Edge delivers file integrity monitoring (FIM) and can even automatically review logs to alleviate manual tasks involved in PCI compliance management efforts.