Merchant Payment Network Security and Compliance

Merchant businesses, particularly those in retail, restaurant, and hospitality, are all too often targeted by point-of-sale intrusion attacks and the increasingly common ransomware attack. These businesses have unique challenges in that the Point-of-Sale (POS) is a high-value asset to cyber criminals seeking credit card data. But these locations are made especially vulnerable by a combination of factors:

  • Complex networks with multiple connected devices such as digital menus, online ordering, security cameras, and remote network access granted to multiple third-party vendors
  • Lack of network standardization and too many security technologies frequently result in cybersecurity strategies riddled with gaps and improper implementation
  • Compliance with PCI DSS has become confusing for merchants due to misinterpretation of requirements, misunderstanding of technologies like P2PE, and lack of clarity regarding the delineation of merchant, service provider, and processor responsibilities

As a result, the security posture of merchant brands is only as strong as their weakest link in the chain - the store(s) that have not properly implemented security or maintained PCI DSS compliance. POS intrusions frequently go undetected for months while credit card data is syphoned off and sold on the dark web. This is typically only discovered eventually by banks and credit card brands resulting in fines, penalties, and potential litigation against the merchant if found to be negligent.

One Comprehensive Solution to Connect, Protect, and Comply

Netsurion combines secure and resilient SD-WAN connectivity for stores, advanced endpoint threat protection for Point-of-Sale, and the necessary tools and support to streamline PCI DSS compliance. In a single solution, merchants gain:

Network Resilience

Keep your business locations running uninterrupted with instant fail-over between multiple WAN connections

Embedded Security

Leverage an integrated network security offering with various layers of Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) protection with global or site-specific control

Enhanced Security Options

Achieve industry-leading protection with security information and event management (SIEM) functionality and advanced endpoint detection and response through the addition of Netsurion Protect

Greater Command and Control

Gain better visibility along with local and network-wide SD-WAN-based control of the network, with an easy-to-use cloud-based orchestrator

Fast and Efficient Deployment

Ensure your network is as nimble as your business with easy SD-WAN appliance deployment and business policy automation

Flexible Carrier Options

Maximize your connectivity and internet service provider (ISP) budget by choosing the best available network connectivity for each corporate location, freeing you from the constraints of a single ISP at all locations

Manage Compliance for All Sites

Visibility of all your locations’ statuses, vulnerability scans, and exceptions in one portal

Simplified Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Online wizard and live support available to reduce the complexity of the SAQ

File Integrity Monitoring

Achieve compliance with logging and alerting for all in-scope system changes

Data Breach Financial Protection

Gain added confidence with a reimbursement program covering qualified breach-related expenses


Get better network connectivity performance, reliability, security, and compliance from your budget, through inexpensive 4G LTE-enabled edge appliances purpose-built for specific business applications and reduced labor costs with cloud-managed network orchestration

Practical Guide to Merchant Cybersecurity

Download a Practical Guide to Merchant Cybersecurity to understand how PCI DSS, Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), Next-Gen Firewalls, and Advanced Threat Protection work together to secure your business.

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