The Netsurion Difference

  • Centralized firewall management with 24/7 firewall health and status monitoring

  • $100,000 in Data Breach Financial Protection

  • Rogue and critical device monitoring

  • Secure, family-friendly Wi-Fi

  • Helpful customer service support 24/7

  • Simplified remote installation on a timeline that meets your schedule

  • Proprietary firewall circumvention detection

  • Flexible architecture enables an affordable monthly cost

Many other providers cannot deliver a comprehensive managed network security solution that also includes managed threat detection and response. Netsurion combines enterprise-class network security with resilience from network attacks and disruptions with dedicated PCI compliance support.

  • Point-to-Point Encryption Compatibility

    Adding P2PE to your managed network security provides added security and peace-of-mind. Netsurion offers network security coupled with Bluefin, the first PCI-compliant P2PE solution, as well as other solutions that work with your existing P2PE provider.

  • Additional Benefits

    • Inbound and Outbound Data Security

      Unlike a majority of self managed solutions, and even some third party solutions, Netsurion provides outbound traffic restrictions as part of our base configuration. These outbound restrictions were instrumental in stopping Backoff from affecting numerous businesses infected by this malware.

    • Firewall Circumvention Detection

      Netsurion is the only centrally managed firewall solution that actively monitors traffic patterns to ensure that credit card processing terminals have not been reconfigured to circumvent the firewall. Whether it's a service technician accidentally by-passing the firewall or a malicious attempt, Netsurion actively monitors credit card processing activity to ensure your card data is not circumventing firewall.

    • Connected Device Monitoring

      Unauthorized devices gaining physical access to your network is a threat most firewall based security services do not protect against. Netsurion is the only provider in the industry that actively monitors your network and inventories connected devices, discerning allowed devices from potentially harmful devices and blocking the latter from connecting.

    Secure Wi-Fi

    Take advantage of enterprise-class wireless access point solutions that provide secure, flexible networks for private and public Wi-Fi.

    Having Wi-Fi available for customers, employees, and as part of your point-of-sale (POS) system is necessary in today's digital world. We offer wireless access points that help provide family-friendly, secure, flexible networks for business and public needs. For those requiring a more robust wireless solution, Netsurion also provides additional features such as multiple SSIDs, acceptable use policies, and splash pages.

    No matter the size of your business, you deserve to have access to state-of-the-art IT resources and enterprise-class network security. Our goal is to ensure our customers’ brands are protected from internal and external threats by providing robust and powerful data and network security, and compliance services at a fraction of the costs associated with a self-managed solution.