58 min video

The shutdowns that have occurred over the last six months have drastically changed how people are ordering and picking up their food. The resulting evolution of the point-of-sale has increased the strain on already over-taxed networks. The annual average cost of downtime was much higher than the cost of the solution to prevent blackouts even before COVID-19 disrupted the restaurants’ network. As a result, the benefits of a resilient POS infrastructure are now more important than ever before. 

Netsurion’s VP of Product Management for Secure Edge Networking, Jason Graf discuss about biggest current threat to restaurants during the “now normal”, and how a managed secure edge networking service can help you reduce operational costs, and prevent revenue and reputation loss. 

In this webcast, you will learn: 

  • Why smart investments in POS technology are key
  • The importance of automated failover and fallback
  • Ways to protect this new technology

New POS technology is not only here to stay, it is the future of growth for restaurants. Should another unfortunate shutdown happen, it will be key that restaurants have not only the technology to keep the business running, but also the infrastructure to keep that new technology running.