59 min video

The crisis produced by the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed consumer behavior and accelerated the digital transformation of the retail industry. With operational changes to accommodate consumers come necessary technology changes. Yet the integration of these technologies into existing store networks will at some point backfire if not done properly over a networking platform that is secure, reliable, and scalable.

Netsurion's Chief Information Officer, Mark Cornwell explores with Mark Cline, SVP of Sales at Netsurion, the challenges faced by retail brands during these unprecedented times. In this webcast you will gain insights into:

  • What changes you can expect to continue when the pandemic is over
  • The threat of ransomware and the costs associated with a breach
  • The costs associated with downtime and how to avoid them
  • What to consider when evaluating a secure edge networking platform and vendors
  • Ideas on how to reduce IT spend while boosting network security and performance at the same time

The more new digital technologies are deployed into the retail store, the higher the risks that can potentially harm the customer experience and revenue when not implemented properly. Join Netsurion as we explore ways you can protect your customers and your business while preparing your network for a "new normal".