60 min video

Retrospective into a disruptive year, and an outlook into what's yet to come.

Ready to close the book on 2020? Yeah, we all are. But before we do, let's recap lessons learned and position your restaurant brand for success in 2021. While many stores and restaurants suffered big time, others actually didn't just survive, but thrived! These success stories had three things in common – agility, resiliency, and scalability. In this webcast, we'll explain why these three characteristics are so important and how your network technology must be your launchpad to achieving them.

Netsurion's Mark Cline, senior vice present, and guest panelists discuss what lessons from 2020 every restaurant brand must learn and apply to succeed in 2021. You'll learn:

  • Why agility, resilience, and scalability are so important
  • How standardizing your network technology sets the stage for both increased revenue and decreased costs
  • Where to begin in planning your move to an all-in-one secure edge networking platform