56 min video

Restaurant businesses thrive off of innovation, speed, and efficiency. But with thin profits getting thinner, some national chains are implementing a cost saving measure that also propels innovation and profits. That secret sauce is surprisingly in this new approach to restaurant IT called “SD-Branch.”

Now more than ever, quick-service and fast-casual restaurants need their IT networks to be agile, reliable, and cost-efficient without sacrificing cybersecurity or PCI DSS compliance. But the typical networking solution in place at restaurants today is wasteful, complicated, and expensive. The concept of SD-Branch (software-defined branch networking) can be perfectly tailored to the unique business needs and budgets of restaurants.

In this webcast, see how SD-Branch enables you to:
  • Dramatically reduce IT costs for every location
  • Recoup revenue typically lost to POS downtime
  • Reduce business risk associated with cybersecurity and PCI DSS
  • Increase technology deployment speed and efficiency