Restaurant Technology Network

Restaurant Technology Network Off-Premises Playbook

Netsurion is a proud early member of the Restaurant Technology Network (RTN). The RTN is a membership community dedicated to the restaurant technology industry. Through access to powerful connections, its members shape industry standards and share technical guidance to help restaurateurs run successful businesses and better serve their customers.

In immediate response to the COVID-19 industry crisis, the RTN began executing weekly calls with 50+ restaurant technology experts, including executives from Netsurion, to collaboratively build an Off-Premises Playbook to help restaurants tap revenue-generating alternatives to dine-in business. While many restaurants have pivoted to off-prem or limited-seated dining, the Off-Premises Playbook aggregates technology expertise from the most talented voices in the industry. It provides a quick-hit best practices guide for long-term off-prem success.

As the restaurant industry moves towards cautious reopening, it’s clear that off-premises dining will continue to be a primary way to serve consumers. The goal of this RTN playbook is to help restaurants stay open for business and adapt to changing consumer needs during this crisis and beyond.

Download this playbook today to learn how to pivot your business toward mobile ordering, curbside pickup, contactless transactions and other considerations quickly and effectively.


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