Six Technology

Six Technology Trends to Help Restaurants Rebound in 2021

Many fast casuals managed to pivot quickly in 2020 to a new way of doing business by adding or increasing virtual interactivity, shaking up offerings and operations, and introducing or enhancing curbside delivery. Savvy owners found ways to become more efficient and effective, eliminating hand-chopped and labor-intensive menu options while others added "ghost kitchens" where indoor dining was eliminated in favor of pickup and delivery.

With the adoption these new approaches – much of it driven by technology – restaurants need to ensure that their speed-to-market and agility actions do not expose security gaps hackers can exploit. As this era of unpredictability ensues, the ways in which restaurants work to overcome the pandemic continues to evolve as well. Here are six technology trends that will be critical to helping restaurants rebound in 2021.


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