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  • What started out as a competitive product with great pricing turned into much more. Netsurion gets it on every level, including service. We are very happy to have Netsurion as our trusted partner.

    Jay White

    35 + year multi-unit Burger King Franchisee, Boston, MA
  • We have been partnering with Netsurion for over the past 6 years to safeguard our internal networks on our restaurants and hotels. I have been impressed with their commitment to service and responsiveness to our network needs. A few years ago, one of our brands suffered a breach in the area and our location was the only location in the area that was not breached. The only difference was that we used Netsurion to safeguard our network environment. We look forward to our partnership with Netsurion as the technology and network demands continue to evolve.

    Joel Neikirk

    Vice President – Midamerica Hotels/Drury Restaurants

A Brand is Only as Strong as its Weakest Link

A single vulnerable location puts the entire brand at risk of reputation and revenue loss. And if a breach occurs, it may be a catastrophe that could be hard to recover from as a brand and business.

It’s not easy for a large brand with hundreds or thousands of locations to become and remain PCI compliant, but Netsurion is here to help. Part of our unique process includes a personalized communication plan and rollout strategy led by a team of change management and communication experts.

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Defend Critical Endpoint Systems from Data Breach

A properly configured and well-tuned SIEM solution is one cornerstone of a robust IT security strategy. Netsurion provides SIEM-at-the-Edge, powered by EventTracker, which deploys to the edge locations of highly distributed networks within businesses that might otherwise not have the opportunity to leverage a proven, award-winning technology that includes a dedicated service center.

Unlike other SIEM providers, Netsurion can make a SIEM solution for businesses with highly distributed networks a reality.

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