What is Application Control?

Endpoints are gateways to your network and the targets of many cyberattacks. Traditional anti-virus software is insufficient to defend against sophisticated and advanced persistent threats that can compromise your endpoints and move laterally across your network. You need a solution that can monitor, detect, and respond to malicious activities on your endpoints in real time. 

Netsurion Open XDR includes Application Control which enhances threat intelligence to identify and block malware, risky behavior, and lateral movement on your network while also providing post-breach visibility and forensic data to help you assess the impact and remediate the damage in the event an incident occurs. 

Application Control Dashboard

Strengthen Security with Application Control

Harden Endpoint

Harden Endpoint Security: Secure your endpoints from known malware including ransomware with the ability to allow/block specific applications.

Reduce False Positive

Reduce False Positives: Reduce false positives and prioritize resources by leveraging threat intelligence and behavioral analysis. 

Increase Visibility

Increase Visibility: Gain complete visibility across your network and endpoints 24×7 with dashboards, reports, and alerts. 

Auto Incident Response

Automate Incident Response: Investigate and respond to incidents quickly and effectively with automated tools and rich management console. 

Close Coverage

Close Coverage Gaps: Protect legacy devices and patching gaps with application safe listing and host system visibility. 

Integrate Security

Integrate Security Technology: Integrate other security technologies with Netsurion Open XDR for a holistic and vendor-agnostic approach.

Improve Security and Efficiency with Netsurion Application Control

Improve Security

Application Safe Listing

Allow only trusted applications to run on your endpoints, preventing malware from executing and exploiting vulnerabilities.

Forensic Data Gathering

Collect and store detailed information about the activities and events on your endpoints, enabling you to perform root cause analysis and incident response.

Host System Visibility

Acquire a comprehensive view of the configuration and status of your endpoints, such as installed software, running processes, network connections, etc.

Threat Intelligence Sharing

Leverage external and internal sources of threat intelligence to enrich the analysis and detection of malicious activities on your endpoints.

Low Resource Consumption

Ensure that the agents running on your endpoints consume minimal resources and do not impact the performance or functionality of your devices.

Rich Management Console

Obtain a web-based interface that allows you to configure, monitor, and control the agents and server, as well as view the alerts, reports, dashboards, and forensic data.

How Netsurion Application Control Works

Netsurion Application Control is easy to deploy and is managed by our SOC.
It consists of three main components:

Get Started with Application Control

Netsurion Managed XDR includes Application Control allowing our SOC to provide more powerful endpoint and network security.  Contact us to learn more about our Managed XDR solution that includes our Open XDR platform with built-in Application Control, driven by our 24×7 SOC. 

Application Control Dashboard