Protect your Entire Attack Surface

How can you best secure your cloud infrastructure, your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps, and your Microsoft-365 environment? Learn the distinctions in how Netsurion handles threats in different environments.​

Protect Attack Surface
Defend Against Industry Threats

Defend Against Industry Threats

Legal firms handle cybersecurity differently than healthcare companies. Different requirements necessitate varying security technologies and levels of compliance. Read how Netsurion customizes our approach to cybersecurity based on industry regulations and best practices.​

Thwart Advanced Persistent Threats​

Ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats, and other Vulnerabilities necessitate different technologies to respond. Learn about the different types of threats that target organizations of all sizes.​

Thwart Advanced Persistent Threats
Common Regulations

Comply with Common Regulations​

Reduce risk and improve operational efficiency by automating the steps required by various industry regulations and mandates.

Comprehensive Managed Threat Protection

Adaptive managed security that predicts and prevents threats proactively and detects and responds to attacks immediately​.

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Talk to a Cybersecurity Advisor

Looking to optimize your cybersecurity posture with Managed XDR? Choosing the right partner is crucial. Talk to a Cybersecurity Advisor to see if we’re a fit.