Each day, businesses produce billions of logs and reviewing them for threats is a daunting process. In Netsurion’s Cyberthreat Spotlight video series, our experts define and explain the specific threat that the industry faced and then explains how Netsurion caught and continues to protect customers from this specific threat.

dharma crysis

What is Dharma Ransomware and how does it work?

Delve into the step-by-step tactics of Dharma ransomware from the Crysis family to uncover how it infiltrates high-value networks, evades detection, and the impact to networks once it does. Also, see how Netsurion Managed XDR was able to defend an IT managed service provider (MSP) from Dharma ransomware after their antivirus and firewall defenses failed.


What is Mimikatz and how can you protect against it?

Mimikatz is a decryption tool that exploits a known Microsoft Windows authentication vulnerability and has been packaged in various malicious threat kits. But how does it work and since it is a known threat, why is it still a vulnerability? In this video, we explore the answers to these questions and provide details on how to protect yourself and your end users.


What is Kovter and how can it be prevented?

Kovter is malware that has evolved over time and is most recently known for click fraud. It is a malicious, fileless threat that uses autorun registry entries and a shell spawning technique to be evasive. But what does it do, and what cybersecurity defenses are needed?
Watch this less-than 10-minute video to learn about the inflection flow, detection techniques, real-life examples, and how to protect against Kovter.

cobalt strike

What is Cobalt Strike and how does it work?

What is Cobalt Strike and how does it work? Cobalt strike is a weaponized software that deploys a difficult-to-detect beacon to a target. But how does it get onto your system and evade existing security control? How can you detect and decontaminate if you’ve been affected? Watch this 10-minute overview to find out.


What is Emotet and how does it work?

What is Emotet and how does it work? What is Emotet today? Discover how Emotet came to be and what it has evolved to. Also, get a first hand account of how Netsurion protected its customers against Emotet and continues to do so to this day.