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Harness the cyber threat intelligence hidden in your log data that helps you identify actual threats and risks to your data and assets. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and event log management solutions deliver vital and actionable data by collecting and analyzing log sources within your network.


SIEM is Just One Capability of our MDR Solution​

Effective cybersecurity is about layered protection to counter a broad range of attack vectors. SIEM tools correlate logs and pinpoint suspicious behavior but tuning and managing the software is time consuming and requires expertise not easily found. Netsurion safeguards your entire attack surface from network, endpoint, cloud, and SaaS applications to enhance cybersecurity for organizations facing staffing shortfalls. SIEM is just one tool in the cybersecurity arsenal, and highly trained experts are key to manage and make sense of technology and tools. Whether you need a SIEM replacement or a more comprehensive approach like Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Netsurion provides robust defense-in-depth protection. ​

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Real-Time Analysis of Security Alerts​

With in-depth analysis, your next benefit lies in proactive security alerts that ensure your organization quickly responds to any suspicious anomalies or unknown threats. To enable this, SIEM platforms and security analysts should build, maintain, and respond to rule-based alerts that are backed by dashboards, alert scores, conceptualization, and automated response capabilities.​


Why is SIEM Foundational?

SIEM begins with the collection, standardization, and storage of security events called logs, and then examines, reports, and acts upon security alerts pulled from the data in real time. SIEM and log management are core capabilities for security teams due to the critical insights it provides. Netsurion’s co-managed solution makes it easy to provide comprehensive visibility and 24/7 monitoring.​

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Why is SIEM Foundational?

Great experience using the system and working with their security team… We have the co-managed SIEM and the Netsurion SOC analysts are a great addition to our security team. The integrations from third-party systems help show us the full picture, from on-prem to Microsoft 365.

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SIEM Streamlines Regulatory Compliance

We help your organization reduce risk and improve operational efficiency by using SIEM to automate the steps required by various industry regulations and government mandates. Keeping up with the changes in regulations and additions of new mandates can be time consuming, tedious, and if not done correctly – a dangerous liability for your organization.​ ​

Simplify your day-to-day security operations with our combined SIEM, attack surface management, and 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) approach. Organizations can secure the environment, establish a baseline of good behavior, track user activity, and alert on potential violations. Netsurion generates audit-ready reports to help with PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST 800-171, DoD, RMF, GDPR, and other compliance requirements.

Regulatory Compliance


SIEM and MDR are Complementary

Keeping pace with evolving threats and sophisticated cyber criminals is a challenge. SIEM and MDR are complementary approaches to combat sophisticated cyber criminals. SIEM tools correlate logs and pinpoint suspicious behavior, but siloed SIEM software can be complex and costly. MDR enhances cybersecurity for organizations facing staffing shortfalls. Whether you need a SIEM replacement or a more comprehensive approach like MDR, Netsurion provides robust defense-in-depth protection that leverages your existing infrastructure and telemetry for comprehensive visibility.​

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