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Netsurion® delivers an adaptive managed security solution that integrates our XDR platform with your existing security investments and technology stack, easily scaling to fit your business needs. Netsurion’s managed offering includes our 24×7 SOC that operates as your trusted cybersecurity partner, working closely with your IT team to strengthen your cybersecurity posture. Our solution delivers managed threat protection so you can confidently focus on your core business.

Customer Reviews on G2 Crowd


Regardless of whom we dealt with in the organization, Netsurion was always willing to cater to our needs of how we handled situations versus being forced to do things they way they preferred. They are also very low pressure in their approach to things and extremely pleasant to deal with.

Joel D.

Manager of Security and Networking


We have worked with Netsurion on multiple projects, and they have delivered above expectations every time. We have worked with them to integrate our CheckPoint Firewalls, VMware, IIS, F5, and most recently, our migration to O365 and Azure. We also used their managed SOC program, and they are top-notch. I have worked with other security SOC’s, but the Netsurion team goes in-depth with not just here is a risk, but also what the remedy is and also the ability to stop it.

Lan H.

System Admin


Netsurion’s Managed SIEM weekly report is generally always on time and useful, and has a lower operating cost.

G2 User

Information Technology and Services

Customer Reviews on PeerSpot


When it comes to threat detection and response, it does a very good job detecting and blocking on its own. And the SOC is a nice added value because they’re doing analysis on things that aren’t as obvious, on things that you can’t just detect with a signature or behavior. Also, any SIEM will come with a lot of noise, so having them do a lot of the initial analysis to find out what’s critical and what issues are false alarms is very good.

Doug Wolfe

Network Engineer


The threat detection and response are excellent. It shows you exactly where you’re vulnerable… I also like that the monitoring is 24/7. The embedded MITRE ATT&CK framework helps us pinpoint exactly what we should be looking at.

Brain Stearns

IT Director at Global Connections Inc.


The managed service has been invaluable to us in terms of being able to narrow the scope of what really needs to be looked at and bringing those things to our attention to be dealt with.

Randy Carr

VP of IT Systems at Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative


Netsurion’s 24/7 monitoring has enhanced the overall security of the company. They have someone looking at the data 24/7 who will call us as needed. If their team spots a malicious process after hours, they notify the appropriate person by phone. We get a lot of actionable threat intelligence from Netsurion that helps us meet our HIPAA and PCI compliance requirements and to implement best security practices.

PeerSpot User

Senior Director of Information Security

We Deliver Managed Threat Protection

Netsurion is a managed open XDR solution that delivers greater attack surface coverage, guided threat remediation, and compliance management support. Our 24×7 SOC operates as your trusted cybersecurity partner, working closely with your IT team to strengthen your cybersecurity posture so you can confidently focus on your core business.

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