Your Business Has Many Points of Cyber-Attack Vulnerability

Your IT attack surface is constantly changing and growing. Remote employees, cloud infrastructure, and an increased reliance on SaaS applications help organizations remain flexible, but also introduce vulnerable points of entry. To confidently defend yourself from cyber attacks like ransomware and zero-day exploits, ensure all vulnerable access points are protected with complete attack surface coverage.

Attack Surface

Defending your entire business is simple with Netsurion’s Managed XDR solution.

Our platform offers the widest coverage – supporting thousands of data sources, and delivers the deepest analysis – combining automated threat remediation and a 24×7 team of security analysts continuously hunting down advanced threats.

Leaving blind spots puts your entire network at risk.

Protection of your critical devices like servers and firewalls are a great start, however, cybersecurity is only as effective as the coverage of your entire network. Blind spots in your coverage can be as risky as no security at all, leaving endpoints vulnerable to attacks that could then reach critical devices in your network.

Consider expanding your installation coverage of our Managed XDR Solution to protect your entire attack surface including endpoints and cloud infrastructure. These light-weight sensors monitor and protect devices even when not connected to a corporate network.

icon dashboard[1]
Improved reporting and visibility
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Adaptive security controls
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Consolidation of products into a single platform
icon users g[1]
Increased efficiency of resources and skills
icon reduce time g1
Minimized time to threat detection
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Decreased potential for successful incidents
attack surface blind spots visibility1

Our overall experience with Netsurion has been very positive. Our organization previously had informal processes, a small IT team, and no centralized monitoring. Logging all our PCs, servers, network devices, and third-party systems has improved our cybersecurity. It helps show us the full picture of our security footprint and risk.​

Director of Cybersecurity
Finance Organization​​

Protect Your Attack Surface

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