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Register Microsoft 365’s Security Foundations

As one of the most used application suites, Microsoft (Office) 365 continues to ingrain its applications, products, and data into business organizations. The suite, however, is becoming a target due to its widespread use, increasing footprint, and privileged access rights. Through 2021 we have already seen novel exploits, and we anticipate additional vulnerabilities to be targeted.

Ensuring your Microsoft 365 suite is secure requires more than their basic security configuration. Additional security monitoring, orchestrated by a managed threat protection platform, ensures user productivity and effectiveness isn’t jeopardized by a breach. Netsurion works in cooperation with Microsoft to build deep and centralized visibility into user, application, and data behavior and track PowerShell activity.

Please join us on May 13th when A.N. Ananth, President of Netsurion and co-creator of EventTracker, will share the vulnerable attack points of your Microsoft 365 instance. In this webcast, our presenter will highlight:

  • Why M365 is becoming an increasingly popular target for threat actors
  • Why it’s necessary to introduce additional security monitoring beyond M365’s standard security capabilities
  • Our quick start guide and checklist for securing M365 in 2021
  • The critical logs and data to monitor for M365, including those targeted by the Hafnium exploit

Register for the May 13th webinar to ensure your Microsoft 365 environment is secured and properly monitored. With a secure environment, you can safeguard your investment, support your team with security training, and gain confidence in your ability to quickly detect an attack.


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