Our Cybersecurity Experts Augment Your Team​

Technology alone isn’t the answer to escalating cyber threats. Get the best of both worlds – human-led problem solving and automation and machine learning that accelerates response when every minute matters. Our ISO-certified Security Operations Center (SOC) works hand-in-hand with you to filter out true threats with guided remediation recommendations.


Achieve Actionable Threat Intelligence​

Threats are dynamic and threat vectors change constantly. We ensure you respond quickly and completely by using the rich context from the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework, commercial and open source threat feeds, and insights from our cybersecurity experts who focus on emerging threats. Netsurion’s intuitive reports and guided remediation recommendations ensure that cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is actionable and tailored to your needs.​

Achieve Actionable Threat Intelligence​


Efficient, effective security for the entire enterprise is a necessity at a time when networks are evaporating, and endpoints are proliferating – and relentless adversaries continually adapt their tactics, techniques, and procedures. Organizations are looking for comprehensive threat detection and response as well as assistance with elevating cybersecurity maturity. MDR steps up to this challenge.

Craig Robinson, Program Director of Security Services


MDR vs Managed SIEM vs SOC as a Services (SOCaaS) Comparison

To highlight how MDR contrasts with other managed services, we have provided an overview of managed security services.

  Managed Detection and Response Managed SIEM SOC as a Service (SOCaaS)
Service May be a SOC, may not be 24/7, primarily focused on threat response. Focused on installation, tuning, and updates for SIEM software.

In some instances, this may extend into threat monitoring and detection.
24/7 SOC actively monitoring and alerting.
Software Delivered and managed by the provider. SIEM software may be on-premises (with remote monitoring) or provided through cloud SIEM. May be incumbent upon customer to provide.
Threat Lifecycle Focus May focus only attack detection and response, some include prediction and prevention. Focused on reactive monitoring of technology that is providing information to the SIEM. Identify suspicious behavior and activity, assists with incident response.


2022 Buyer’s Guide: Managed Detection and Response

In Netsurion’s Managed Detection and Response Buyer’s Guide we highlight the evolving cybersecurity challenges that are leading to the adoption of MDR. Unfortunately, the MDR market is plagued by a loose definition, by both analysts and vendors, of what is and what isn’t considered “managed”, “detection”, or “response”.

Download the Buyer’s Guide to learn the pros and cons of Managed Detection and Response, and to address common questions around MDR:

  • How does MDR differ from an MSSP?
  • What services and support are offered with MDR?
  • Do MDR offerings extend their capabilities into EDR, XDR, and SOAR?

Download the Guide

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