Managed XDR

Are you planning to modernize your cybersecurity stack to keep up with advanced cyber threats? Wondering if XDR is just hype? This whitepaper goes beyond the buzzwords, cuts through the hype, and gives you the information you need to really understand XDR. You’ll gain a better understanding of where XDR evolved from and what are the critical components you should expect XDR to deliver.

A critical concern for most security professionals is consolidating the cybersecurity tech stack – not adding to it. Does XDR allow you to leverage your security telemetry and tech, and even replace some? We’ll unpack all of these questions plus you’ll learn if XDR makes sense for small and mid-size businesses and whether or not Managed XDR solutions are a fit for you.

Key Topics:

  • What are the crucial components of XDR?
  • Is XDR a new technology, a service, or an outcome?
  • Can small and mid-size companies benefit from XDR?