What is Vulnerability Management? 

Vulnerability management is foundational to your cybersecurity operations, moving beyond periodic vulnerability scanning and assessments to consistent reports and prioritization. Vulnerability management begins with asset discovery and reconnaissance, typically via scheduled scans, and allows you to then focus on specific network segments and priority assets. Many compliance regulations like HIPAA and PCI DSS require vulnerability assessments and scans. A vulnerability management solution saves you time and minimizes your risk and attack surface by acting as an extension of your IT team – automating scheduled scans, identifying misconfigured systems, and helping you prioritize remediation and mitigation efforts.

Vulnerability Management is Critical

On average, businesses have adopted nearly 100 different SaaS applications. This technology sprawl adds more chaos to cybersecurity management and introduces additional vulnerabilities. Accounting for legacy products that may be misconfigured or out of scope is nearly impossible without vulnerability assessment. 

This is why traditional vulnerability scanning falls short. IT teams continue to face staffing shortages and a surge of new vulnerabilities makes patching and remediation overwhelming. In fact, focusing on just the high and critical vulnerabilities over the last year would account for over 70,000 vulnerabilities. Vulnerability Management exceeds the basics of vulnerability assessment by including prioritization, remediation, and mitigation efforts into a managed service, freeing up your resources.

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Netsurion Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management can reduce your attack surface, but it requires technical resources and skills. If not done correctly, the results can be full of false positives that waste time or false negatives that give you a false sense of security when there are gaps. We integrate with leading vulnerability scanning tools or can provide Netsurion Vulnerability Management, a comprehensive solution that includes the necessary software and service to simplify vulnerability scanning and augment your team.​

Netsurion Vulnerability Management provides remediation recommendations and proactive steps to mitigate risks for your organization. Our 24×7 SOC provides continuous detection and response by monitoring your assets, investigating every alert, sifting out false positives, and alerting and responding to true alerts. This allows you to offload the repetitive and tedious tasks to us, so you and your team are free to focus on high-value, high-impact security tasks based on our reports and prioritized remediation advice. 

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Scheduled Vulnerability Scanning: Netsurion will schedule the scans on your behalf, based on what is most appropriate for your business.

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Configuration Assessment: Netsurion SOC benchmarks configurations against a baseline of known vulnerabilities allowing for easy detection of misconfigured systems and identification of security gaps. 

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Empowered SecOps: Our reports and prioritized remediation advice allow your team to focus their resources on high-value, high-impact tasks. 

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Managed Identification and Prioritization: Netsurion’s team of experts provides accurate and efficient scan results while delivering prioritization based on your environment and the threat landscape.  

Integrated Vulnerability Management Solutions​

Whether you subscribe to Netsurion Vulnerability Management or have your own tool, integrating vulnerability telemetry with our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution extends your coverage and simplifies incident triage and handling. Our security experts work with you to minimize your attack surface across endpoints, servers, networks, cloud, and SaaS applications.

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