Solving 3 Big Cybersecurity Challenges

When it comes to cyber-warfare, most security teams face obstacles that no amount of additional technology-only solutions can solve. A comprehensive and integrated solution is necessary. Netsurion has identified three major hurdles and has architected a unique approach to solving them.

Poor Integration Between Security Solutions

Your cybersecurity tech is siloed, leaving blind spots and under-utilized investments.

Netsurion’s open XDR platform unifies your existing security telemetry to deliver wider attack surface coverage and deeper threat analytics resulting in greater security visibility.

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Lack of Skilled Personnel

Lack of Skilled Personnel Bandwidth

You’re tired of chasing false positives, battling alert fatigue, and trying to find the proverbial “needle in a haystack”

Netsurion’s SOC does the heavy lifting for you of proactive threat hunting, event correlation and analysis, and provides you with guided remediation.

Lack of Management Support

Your cybersecurity risk is growing exponentially, but your budget is not.

Netsurion is a force multiplier that allows your IT team to be confident and in control again while also maximizing all of your cybersecurity investments.

Lack Mgmt Support