Integrating Your EDR for Complete Threat Visibility

Endpoint security is crucial as over 70% of data breaches involve compromised endpoints like laptops and workstations. Effectively detecting and thwarting today’s most sophisticated attacks requires visibility across all attack surface telemetry. Activity in one system may seem benign when considered on its own, but actually be an indicator of compromise (IoC) when correlated with activity in another. That’s why Netsurion’s Open XDR platform includes strong integration with your Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) platform. We integrate seamlessly with all leading EDR platforms such as CrowdStrikeSentinelOneCarbon BlackMicrosoft Defender and more.

Built-In Application Control

Above and beyond EDR integration, Netsurion’s Open XDR platform includes Application Control to provide a second line of defense against Windows malware along with any Anti-Virus or Endpoint Detection and Response capabilities. Netsurion Application Control contains threats, blocks applications, and isolates devices. The result is simplified daily operations for your IT team with a single, lightweight sensor and one unified console for fast investigation and remediation.

Built-in Application Control

24×7 SOC for Endpoint Threat Detection & Response

With your endpoint telemetry ingested and correlated in our Open XDR platform, and our Application Control providing a second layer of automated security, our Security Operations Center (SOC) staff provides 24×7 human expertise, inspecting alerts, sifting false positives, correlating against threat intelligence, and ultimately escalating and responding to true indicators of attack (IoAs).

Fully Managed Endpoint Security

We understand the lack of time and resources you face in the battle for endpoint security. To that end, Netsurion offers fully managed endpoint security as well with Netsurion Managed Endpoint Security. For complete endpoint protection, Netsurion has teamed up with Deep Instinct, a powerful endpoint protection solution that leverages the most advanced artificial intelligence in cybersecurity – deep learning. With Netsurion Managed Endpoint Security, our Open XDR platform integrates with Deep Instinct while our SOC offers complete administration, configuration, monitoring, and reporting of your endpoint security.

endpoint protection

Managed Endpoint Security vs Traditional Anti-Virus (AV)

Managed Endpoint Security offers superior protection over traditional anti-virus software.

Anti-VirusApplication Control
Endpoint Security
Complete Network Security
Threat Identification
Threat Protection
Incident Investigation
Guided Response
Network Lateral Movement
Post-breach Visibility

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