Endpoint Protection Beyond Traditional Tools

Endpoint security is crucial as over 70% of data breaches occur via compromised endpoints like laptops and workstations. Legacy endpoint security tools like anti-virus and firewalls have proven ineffective against sophisticated attackers and mutating threats. Netsurion combats today’s cybersecurity threats with a comprehensive approach for detection and response to mitigate advanced threats rapidly and at scale. We also integrate seamlessly with all the leading Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPPs) such as CrowdStrike and SentinelOne to leverage your existing IT investment.​

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A Proactive Response to Endpoint Threats

Application Control capabilities from Netsurion provide a second line of defense against Windows malware along with any Anti-Virus or Endpoint Detection and Response capabilities. Our proactive response includes containing threats, blocking applications, and isolating devices. Netsurion’s application control simplifies daily operations for your IT team with a single, lightweight sensor and one unified console for fast investigation and remediation. ​


Boost Security Visibility with Third-Party Integrations​

Our vendor-neutral approach leverages your existing IT and security licenses, tools, and telemetry. Netsurion’s pre-built integrations simplify operational insights. You gain single-pane-of-glass visibility without having to rip-and-replace tools.​


Prevent Breaches from Occurring 

We understand the challenges you face in the battle for endpoint security. We optimize your staff and skills with a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) complete with hard-to-find cybersecurity expertise. Netsurion harnesses automation and orchestration for deeper insights, actionable threat intelligence, and threat enrichment to pinpoint adversary actions in real-time before damage occurs. Automation alone is not sufficient to detect stealthy adversaries. ​

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