Cybersecurity topics and trends all too often wind up in a convoluted and confusing mess. In Netsurion’s Cybersecurity Q&A video series, our experts unpack common questions so you can be more confident and in control when it comes to securing your IT infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Trends

What are the cybersecurity trends we can expect in 2023?

A.N. Ananth, Chief Strategy Officer at Netsurion, discusses 7 top trends that he sees leading the way in 2023. From an even more accelerated shift to hybrid work and the cloud, to ransomware attacks on operational tech and beyond, make sure you are prepared for a new year of cyber threats and defense despite the skill shortage of security pros.

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MDR Service Providers

What are the different types of MDR service providers?

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) is all the rage, and countless vendors have shown up that tout brilliant, low-effort outcomes. Buyers must look under the covers to determine what is really provided in their services, if it is in-house or provided by a partner, and if 24/7 support really means 24/7. In this video, Netsurion reviews the types of providers, and what the pros and cons are for each.

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Optimize Team

How to optimize a small IT security team?

Cybersecurity is an arms race. And the average business has a small, thinly stretched infosec team. Couple that with a global cybersecurity talent shortage, what can you do optimize your cybersecurity outcomes?

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What is XDR

What is XDR?

What exactly is XDR? To understand that we need to review the security journey that has transpired over the past 10-15 years. What started with AntiVirus to protect against malware evolved into Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)/Managed Detection & Response (MDR) and now Extended Detection & Response (XDR). XDR represents the next generation of IT security and extends the scope of MDR beyond the endpoint in order to remove blind spots. 

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Open XDR

What is the difference between Open & Native XDR?

How do you remove blind spots from siloed security tools? What is the difference between Open & Native XDR?

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SOC Operation Cost

How much does it cost to operate and setup a 24x7 SOC?

What functions are covered by a modern SOC? What do you need for a fully effective SOC? What are your alternatives?

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Security Team Size

What size security team do I need?

What size security team do I need to protect against ransomware? What tasks will I need them to perform?

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SOC Location Matter

Does SOC location matter?

Does the location of the physical SOC matter? How does the location of the security data differ, and why does that matter?

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Log Mgmt vs SIEM

What’s the difference between log management and SIEM?

What is the difference between Log Management and SIEM? Why are both relevant and critical to IT security, compliance, and even operational efficiency?

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