SecOps as a Service

We understand the challenges small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face with today’s advanced cyber threats. Without in-house cybersecurity experts and the budget to run a security operations center (SOC), SMBs are more vulnerable to attacks.

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Partnering for Cybersecurity Success

Many SMBs turn to their trusted advisors (MSPs and resellers/consultants) for IT management, but these providers often lack the expertise to effectively detect and respond to threats. That’s why smart solution advisors partner with a managed cybersecurity expert like Netsurion to provide comprehensive security solutions that offer 24×7 monitoring, threat hunting and detection, and both automated incident response and guided remediation support.

Through our partnership with solution advisors, we offer a full range of value-added cybersecurity services including vulnerability management, continuous network monitoring, threat detection services, incident response, and compliance reporting.

Expand Your Cybersecurity Practice

Choose Netsurion as your security operations partner and boost your revenue while delivering advanced cyber protection to your customers. With our machine learning-based technology, assigned security team, open integrations, and customizable rules engine, we provide a streamlined solution that delivers better threat protection and improved customer security postures.

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Learn More About Our Partner Program

If you’re ready to find a partner to help you deliver managed threat protection that combines XDR, SIEM, and UEBA technology and MDR, SOC, and threat hunting services, you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of the Netsurion Partner Program.​