Managed SIEM Buyer's Guide

As a trusted provider of SIEM – both services and software – Netsurion has produced the Managed SIEM Buyer’s Guide to help organizations assess their SIEM technology and service options, and help readers make the best investment for their organization. The guide discusses how to evaluate unique organizational goals and requirements properly, then clearly outlines SIEM deployment options, ways to achieve 24/7 SOC monitoring, and provides a SIEM Buyer’s Toolkit (with an Evaluation Checklist).

Cybersecurity experts recognize that a managed SIEM can effectively perform the heavy lifting of log aggregation, security analytics, and threat detection. At the same time, your team addresses more in-depth investigations and remediation activities. In turn, you benefit by detecting threats faster, reducing your cybersecurity risk, and optimizing your team to enhance operational efficiency.Our aim in this Buyer’s Guide for Managed SIEM is to give you clear contextual knowledge and a framework for an efficient buying process that arrives at the best-fit solution for your organization.Download the Buyer’s Guide to learn the pros and cons of different managed SIEM and SOC-as-a-Service options, and how the right providers help you address:

  • Challenges with deployment, tuning, and managing security solutions on your own
  • Staffing challenges, desires for 24/7/365 monitoring, and total cost of investment
  • Market trends from 2021, including technology (platform) consolidation
  • Protecting your entire environment by ingesting and monitoring more sources