Maximize Value from SIEM with this TCO Calculator

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology is the foundation of a strong cybersecurity and compliance strategy. The challenge many face is the lack of qualified analysts for in-house SIEM. This is why Co-Managed SIEM is on the rise…it maximizes value and enhances security monitoring capabilities with control and flexibility.

Calculate Co-Managed SIEM vs. Traditional SIEM Total Cost of Ownership

Input your own data into the ROI calculator below to gauge how much you could gain (in capabilities and cost-savings) with Co-Managed SIEM.

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Enter your traditional SIEM variables.

1. SIEM Appliance and Agents


SIEM Appliance


Endpoint Agent (remote)


Endpoint Agent (hardware)


Total Cost: SIEM Appliance and Agents


2. SIEM Support and Professional Services


Support Service (1 year)


Installation Service (1 day)


End-User Training (1 user)


Total Cost: SIEM Support and Professional Services


3. SIEM Administration and Monitoring

Annual Cost

System Administration


Monitoring and Analysis


Total Cost: SIEM Administration and Monitoring


Total Cost of Ownership (1 Year)



Compare your capabilities and savings.

TCO: First Year

  Traditional Co-Managed
CapEx: One-Time Costs $0 $11,500
OpEx: Ongoing Costs $0 $34,800

Total Cost for Year 1



Co-Managed SIEM saves you 0% in the first year.

TCO: 3-Year Period

  Traditional Co-Managed

Total Cost for 3-Year Period



Co-Managed SIEM saves you 0% over 3-year period.

Reduce Cost and Add Value

“Co-Managed SIEM services enable security and risk management leaders to maximize value from SIEM and enhance security monitoring capabilities, while retaining control and flexibility.” says Gartner in its “How and When to Use Co-Managed SIEM” report.

With Co-Managed SIEM, you not only reduce your total cost of ownership significantly, you also gain the following:

  • A dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) for threat intel, monitoring, and forensics
  • Disciplined documentation and execution of runbooks and incident-response plans
  • Comprehensive expertise across SIEM, IDS, and VAS
  • Complete and concise reports, and recurring reviews with management
  • Controlled costs (no increases) for three years
  • No staffing-related costs like recruiting, hiring, or training