With trust being the foundation of our core values, Netsurion is committed to protecting our customers and partners from cybersecurity threats. One of the ways we are showing this commitment is through a partnership with the Security Rating platform, BitSight. Although Security Ratings are still new and evolving into an accurate and fair system, platforms like BitSight are working toward a commonly understood language, so anyone can gain insight into a company’s security posture, without being technical.

Using BitSight to Search for Netsurion

You will notice when searching for Netsurion on BitSight, there are two entities to choose from. Look for the correct primary rating, which is Netsurion, LLC – Corporate “self-published” and subscribe to it.

img bitsight rating dashboad1
img bitsight rating1

Score as of July 25, 2021

More About BitSight and Security Ratings

Netsurion’s partnership with BitSight helps to ensure the data is as accurate as possible when representing our company. Like other service providers around the globe, we have some customers sending traffic across our VPN network out to internet and we cannot control that traffic. Guest network traffic is backhauled to us as well, which is out of any service provider’s control. Sometimes that activity comes through our IP address and back out to the internet, which is then picked up by Security Rating platforms and becomes the automated data used for their ratings.

When using BitSight and Netsurion, LLC – Corporate “self-published”, you will be closer to the true score, as our team has worked with BitSight to provide accurate data. If you have any questions about Netsurion’s scores, please reach out to our team.