Cybersecurity Must Adapt to Work-from-Home Environment

As employees move from a trusted enterprise network to home offices, protecting assets and data has never been more challenging. Security gaps increase with remote access to corporate servers, to VPNs (virtual public networks), or personal networks. Cyber criminals are aggressively targeting you and your employees for financial gain.

With Netsurion’s Remote Workforce Threat Detection, Netsurion simplifies work-from-home security by extending our SIEM foundation and integrated Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities with built-in Remote Workforce Threat Detection.

Don’t let remote work that’s outside your company network create cybersecurity gaps.

Reduce Risk Associated with Remote Work

Continue to be vigilant against opportunistic and evolving threats targeting shared assets like VPNs, authentication, and cloud-based SaaS assets that keep you productive. By implementing Remote Workforce Threat Detection, your threat prevention, detection, and response goes everywhere your people go.

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Protect your data on-premises and in the cloud
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Scale security as your infrastructure expands
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Maintain compliance with mandates like HIPAA, NIST, and PCI DSS
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Increase visibility and rapidly detect attacks

Netsurion gives us a true picture of our network, including VPN access and any new users added. Real-time visibility increases our productivity and absolutely saves us time. It helps us be more responsive in handling network events and more quickly resolve issues with better internal client satisfaction.

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Monitor and Defend VPN Usage

With VPN use skyrocketing 65%, a Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors, detects, and remediates security and scalability issues 24/7/365 for business-critical resources and tools. You can rest easy knowing that Remote Workforce Threat Detection monitors your VPN access from leading providers like Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, and SonicWall.

  • Uncover logins from unexpected countries
  • Detect anomalous logins and password spraying attacks
  • Audit too many failed VPN logins
  • Identify users with excessive logon failures
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Enhance Authentication Security

The widespread move to dispersed remote offices has transformed where and how work is performed. Today’s distractions can enable cyber criminals to exploit your employees or supply chain partners for financial gain. Achieve resiliency by protecting authorization and authentication to sensitive data and crucial assets. Remote Workforce Threat Detection protects authentication services from leading providers such as Okta, Cisco Duo, and Microsoft.

  • Detect authorization gaps that reduce access to needed tools and information
  • Identify successful logins from unexpected countries
  • Unmask account takeover (ATO) risks like brute force attacks    
  • Audit admin activities such as adding new users and privilege escalation
  • Evaluate first login to an asset

Maintain Secure Access to Cloud-based Resources

SaaS-based applications in the cloud are crucial for collaboration and work-from-home productivity. The Netsurion Security Operations Center (SOC) helps protect data wherever it resides. Remote Workforce Threat Detection stops advanced threats to safeguard your cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications like G Suite and Microsoft 365. We alert you to cloud-based security threats and proactively recommend mitigation steps.

  • Evaluate successful logins from unexpected countries
  • Trace geographic improbable access
  • Review admin actions with changes to forwarding rules, permissions, or admin account created
  • Provide actionable dashboards to users and executives
  • Monitor downloads from cloud shared drives
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Avoid COVID-19 and Pandemic Scams

Business communication runs on email with employees, suppliers, and valued customers. Remote Workforce Threat Detection protects the flow of mission-critical communication by identifying phishing attempts and fraudulent schemes that endanger uptime and financial results. Ensure that shared services remain accessible with alerts on suspicious email activity targeting your employees.

  • Uncover COVID-19 phishing emails
  • Alert you to potentially suspicious emails
  • Faster detection of threats and malicious activity