Rapid acquisitive growth increases operational complexity and dramatically widens your security gaps. To protect your investments, proper cybersecurity technologies and practices are paramount in today’s growing threat landscape. In working with private equity firms and their portfolio companies, we have learned through experience how to solve the unique challenge of deploying complex security solutions throughout even more complex, non-centralized environments, resulting in an effective and comprehensive cyber security posture that grows as fast as they do.​

We are here to help you:

  • Understand your security posture and unique security needs
  • Determine opportunistic right-fit security solutions
  • Act as a trusted partner to your portfolio
  • Secure the people, processes, and tools backed by proven experience
Michael Landberg
Jack Stose
Enterprise Sales / Private Equity


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Protect Your Investments

Netsurion understands the difficulties related to securing private equity-backed businesses better than anyone else.

Scale with Your Acquisitions
Scale with Your Acquisitions
We grow with you, as you do.
No limits
People, Processes <br/>and Tools
People, Processes
and Tools
Dedicated security team, cutting edge technology, training & support, actionable intelligence

Speed and <br/>Efficiency
Speed and
Expert project management to deploy and implement quickly & seamlessly

Success Stories

Our security operations center and AI-driven threat protection platform review billions of logs daily to defend customers from advanced threats. Here are just a few real-world examples.​