Host-based and Network-based IDS​

Intrusion Detection plays a critical role in IT security by monitoring your network for unusual patterns and anomalies. An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a valuable tool in overall security but requires expert staff with disciplined processes so that the system is well configured and consistently tuned. Our SOC manages IDS as a core component of the EventTracker managed threat protection platform.​

An Intuitive Early Warning System​

Netsurion continuously tunes and configures the IDS system and then prioritizes​ alerts for your further investigation. Your assigned SOC team provides actionable​ insights regarding malicious activity and hackers attempting​ to access your network and data. As a software-based​ service, it requires no expensive hardware to purchase ​or install.​

EventTracker IDS

Technology + Expertise


Simplify management and monitoring costs​


Address compliance regulations like HIPAA


Block suspicious network activity before damage is done​


Constantly updated with current and emerging threat intelligence​


Proven real-time alerting and escalation

Solution Overview

Intrusion Detection is just one capability of our managed threat protection platform, EventTracker.​​​

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