Cyber criminals can use your network infrastructure and system admin accounts to gain access to your critical servers, install ransomware, or move laterally across your organization. Early threat detection and rapid mitigation requires continuous network visibility and monitoring. EventTracker Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) monitors your network activity and quickly pinpoints suspicious network activity and protocols.​

Enhance Visibility of Network-based Threats and Risks​

Network traffic data augments security analytics to provide a more in-depth view of attackers and low-and-slow attacks that wait days or even months to launch. EventTracker Network Traffic Analysis is a managed service that provides unparalleled insights into network threats and possible blind spots. With support for network vendors like Cisco and Juniper, Network Traffic Analysis optimizes network, user, and application performance with rich context around possible cyber attacks.​​​


Reduce the attack surface

Detect network gaps that hackers can exploit

Improve network visibility and threat detection

Accelerate threat investigation​

Troubleshoot network performance issues

Enhance Network Performance and Uptime

Network flow data from routers identifies anomalies and detailed operating issues. Intuitive dashboards provide insights such as:

  • Application protocols like RDP that attackers often exploit
  • Ports that are exposed to the internet​
  • Top “talkers” and applications​
  • Source and destination IP addresses that may​ represent risky network traffic​

Solution Overview

Network Traffic Analysis is just one capability of our managed threat protection platform, EventTracker.​​​

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